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環保型提金劑 提金劑



  Liejin environmental friendly gold extraction agent is a major scientific and technological achievement obtained by the company and scientific researchers of Henan rock and mineral testing center. It is an environmental protection gold extraction agent that can completely replace highly toxic sodium cyanide. The product has low toxicity and environmental protection. It is suitable for heap leaching, pool leaching and carbon slurry production processes of oxidized gold ore.


Product Safety Report


  The product is tested and certified in writing by “Shanghai Classification and Test Center of Dangerous Chemicals” as authorized by State Production Safety Administration, “Testing Center under Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical”. It is shown from test results the product is general cargo, and does not belong to flammable hazardous article, oxidants and organic peroxides oxide, or toxic and infectious substances, free of radiation, corrosive hazard, and other danger.


  The company holds complete approvals and licenses necessary for production and management, and conduct business in a lawful manner. Its products are identified and certified by “Shanghai Classification and Test Center of Dangerous Chemicals” as authorized by State Production Safety Administration. The gold leaching agent is classified as general cargo, non-explosive, non-oxidant-dangerous, not belonging to flammable, radioactive or corrosive substances etc. Thus it can be transported safely via road, rail, sea, or air. It is shown from test results by “Henan Center for Disease Control and Prevention” that the product is of low toxicity, which toxicity is only equivalent of caustic soda. Its production waste water is tested as fully compliant with national emission standards by “Henan Test Center of Rock and Mineral” through tailings water quality analysis.